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MyEdu is the definitive online source to increase success and save money in college. Combining the largest warehouse of academic information in the U.S. with easy-to-use web applications, MyEdu helps students to create a personalized graduation plan and make informed decisions about their courses, schedule, professors and major. More than two million students at over 800 universities have used MyEdu to earn their degree. MyEdu is changing the way that college students pursue their degree by bringing together a wealth of information from validated university sources with easy-to-use web applications that enable students to create a personalized college plan and make better decisions throughout college. Working closely with students and universities over the last decade, MyEdu has assembled the richest academic warehouse of course, professor, grade history, student review, and degree information—sourced directly from universities nationwide. This data is the foundation of the MyEdu approach, which arms students with customized and relevant information so they can make better decisions at critical academic milestones—such as choose a major, plan a degree, build their schedule, select the right courses, balance their workload and map out their path to graduation. Students using MyEdu to manage and plan the process of earning a college degree can realize up to 20% savings on the cost of college.

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